PYF creative team comprises of experienced event producers in the field of arts and culture!

They were united around an idea to create a unique event that is also fun and entertaining.
PYF is coordinated by the aptly named Happiness Committee, whose members include:
Sabiha Hadžimuratović, Valida Carroll, Sabina Šabić, Slobodan Šoja, Vildana Bešlija, and Edin Krehić.

The main event producer entity is the Sarajevo-based AidNet Foundation, which has been organizing and promoting local and International cultural-exchange events since 2002. AidNet Foundation supports youth programs and women’s projects.

Our partners:

1. Sarajevo Tribune Center for Tolerance

2. Sports and Recreation Center, Ajdinovići 

3. Bunny World Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA

We also have ambassadors of the festival who are notable persons in the field of arts, yoga, wellness, and business, who will help us spread the word about our festival and connect us with world yoga associations, art centers, business organizations, and individuals.

These are our ambassadors of PYF:

USA: Holly Williamson; Morocco: Ahlam Lamsefer; Belgium: Alisa Muraspahić; India: Suchismita Sahoo; Sweden: Astrid Björk; Turkey: Shafkat Islegen; Costa Rica: Laura Bailone; Hungary: Daniel Belenyi; Croatia: Nensi Nainaa; Serbia: Bojan Zečević and Slovenia: Vesna Neferamis.

Our team believes in strong communities that foster empowered individuals. Engagement is key to raising awareness. We believe in individual responsibility when it comes to protecting the environment, but we also need to hold companies and factories that pollute, accountable for their actions. We believe that we need tougher animal welfare standards and laws, and we believe that our food should be free of poisonous pesticides and toxins.

Our dream is to foster an empowered society who will fight for these ideals, and who will help educate and influence the majority to adopt a more conscious and harmonious lifestyle, in order to improve the overall health and balance of their communities. We believe that all of us have the great potential for implementing this important, timely, and noble task.