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The artistic work of Ahlam Lemseffer aptly combines the relevance of paintings, sculptures, and installations. Her iconography gives value to forms of representation referring to the architecture, the environment, and also to human society.

For several years, Ahlam has been exploring territories of abstract painting by continually questioning the pictorial process: composition, surface, color, light, and perspective. This exploration led her to an avant-garde dynamism linked to major emotional artistic and to an ever-more fluid, uncluttered abstraction.

The pictorial construction of her paintings today brings her to examine the complex process linking juxtaposition, transparency and visual overlay. And through a new and unique technique, she analyzes the fragility of the environment, the wear of the material and the removal of color.

A Saatchi alumni, Ahlam Lemseffer is not a painter in the traditional sense of the term, she fits a transversal status allowing her to register her sculptures and installations into fundamental, pictorial subjects. The artist works the contradictions of matter and form in order to unite them to the possibility of new dimensions.

Cuturenet review of one of Ahlam’s exhibits in Croatia in 2012 can be found here.



Welcome to my Magical World …
I’m an artist.
The Inspiration comes from the Endless Ocean of Creativity.
To me, painting is the passageway from the known world into all others, unknown to many people.
I am committed to what flows through time and space. There are many names, the Divine Inspiration remains my favorite. The images are without sketches, plans, predictions.
Sculptures “speak” about the forms while they are being created.
Everything in my Life belongs to Inspiration. Everything is Inspiration. I change the most common thing into a Story with Purpose.
I live my dream through the interweaving of intuitive visions, flashes, inspiration into one single Art that is Life.
I’m unlimited. Pictures, sculptures, and talismans “breathe, speak, whisper, and sing” to the Heart open to Love, and offer a different Experience. Every creation or work of human hands has energy, the difference is only in Awareness.
That is why … my Creations call You through the Heart and the Soul, where there is enough room for everything that the mind piles in the drawer named “Unusual“.



Richard is an artist, geometer, and teacher with a particular interest in the contemplative aspects of the pattern. He has a background in philosophy and cognitive psychology and studied for two years under Keith Critchlow, one of the world’s leading authorities on the geometry of Islamic patterns. Richard has subsequently lectured widely on this subject and has devised and taught a number of practical courses on the geometry of Islamic patterns for the British Museum in London’s Worlds Arts and Artefacts program. He has undertaken field studies in Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

Richard is the co-editor and illustrator of Miranda Lundy’s Sacred Number, a book about the history and symbolism of number, and has participated in a number of group shows and educational projects exploring links between geometry and art. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Geometric Art in Dallas, Texas. 

Richard is a visiting lecturer at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, the Slade School of Fine Art, Central St Martins and an associate lecturer at the Open University in London. He also teaches and lectures internationally.



LEA JERLAGIĆ was born in Sarajevo in 1984 where she completed most of her formal education. She starts attending Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 and in 2007 she receives a scholarship from the Chinese government, spending the next two years in China where she studies Chinese culture, language, and the Chinese Woodcut, which will leave a significant imprint on her future work. She earns her Master of Arts degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in 2013 with the work entitled Synaesthesia. This work delves into the phenomenon of the transformation of the impulse received through one sensory stimulus and expressed through another – transforming the contemporary dance experience (actively dancing herself at the time) into a form of drawing and Chinese woodblock prints. Her creative work is a constant fusion of apparently separated and irreconcilable aspects of reality, different cultures, media of expression – all with the goal of deeper penetration into a mysterious inner world of human beings and our connection to the Universe. Presently she is studying sacred erotic art of Tantric temples and scriptures. She finds inspiration in her spiritual practice of yoga and tantra, constantly and passionately searching for ways to integrate her revelations into artistic expression.



Sonya Radan graduated at the University of Fine Art, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but now lives and works in London, UK. Recently, she has started using natural materials that have also had previous lives: wood from old houses, remnants of railway tracks, wedges and lumps of driftwood. She tends to use these recycled elements with water-based acrylic paint and this has resulted in freer, more dynamic paintings that can be presented as three-dimensional sculptures. She also hopes this year to start exploring the use of acrylic on stone in a collaborative project with a London-based mason and sculptor. She also works in oils on canvas, and with plaster, silk and glassware.
As a teacher, she has worked creatively with people of all ages to help them find fun and exciting ways of expressing their thoughts and emotions through art. She has had many solo and joint exhibitions throughout Europe and the UK, but she is especially proud of having been invited to show her work and represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 2018 START art fair at Saatchi Gallery, London, and at an exhibition entitled Mediterraneo: A Sea that Unites, also in London. She is honored to say that she was included in Svjetionici: An Anthology and Monograph of Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Diaspora, published by Art Rabic, Sarajevo.



Lada Pervan is a Professor at the University of Sarajevo, School of Architecture, teaching Free Hand Drawing. She holds an MFA in Arts, from the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo. She is also a member of the Croatian Society of Visual Artists, and of Society of Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has had 17 individual and 14 group exhibitions in Bosnia and Hercegovina and throughout Europe.





All are students of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, the first year of the second cycle (fourth year). They represent the art colony of the Pyramid Yoga Fest. They are responsible for branding the area in Ajdinovići.





During the research for artistic expression and sculptural solution, inspiration appeared, in the very beginning, as women’s accessories items. I started to sculpt, explore and give artistic meaning to items such as bags, belts, scarves, corsets, and later women’s torso.

After that, I am dealing with the topic of jewelry and I am trying to show a set of different but also to keep similar situations from the previous works. Using distinctive visual elements, my story, resorting expressive manner, I believe in continuity.

This kind of object is an inspiration for me in the aesthetic sense, but also the challenge and the need to overcome the generally accepted meaning, which above all has a decorative context.

In my interpretation, jewelry is only a starting point for the creation of a new object, whose appearance exceeds the impression of purely decorative and gets the dimension of the artwork.

Later, and now the most common motive through my works is Shield. The motive of the shield as an object extracted from its context creates an allegory and represents the protection of intellectual thought, the idea of wisdom and art. As such, this recognizable appearance in itself is the purposeful aesthetic category. For me as an artist, this motif can also be a special inner psychological mechanism of defending the “Shield” of the reality that we all need.










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