1. How far is Sarajevo from Ajdinovići?

Sarajevo is 55 km away from Ajdinovići.

2. What are the tourist destinations nearby?

In the vicinity of Ajdinovići is a famous cave of BIJAMBARE and a healing spa in the town of Olovo. ( 10 km away).

3. What is the distance between Visoko city and its Bosnian Pyramids from Ajdinovići?

The city of Visoko and the Bosnian pyramids are one hour drive away.

4. What is Ajdinovići?

Ajdinovići is a village with a private sports recreation center, called SRCE, with swimming pools, lakes, restaurants, and various sports grounds. There is an open- garden in which animals live in harmony with people. They are not bound, they go away, and they come back alone.

5. Will there be any tourist tours at the festival?

Yes. Tourist companies will have their stand where they will offer two-hour tours in the surrounding area, sightseeing of Sarajevo after the festival and the Mostar and Visoko.

6. What kind of food will be served at the festival?

Ajdinovići will prepare organic, vegan and vegetarian food for all participants of the festival, and the food will be included in the price of each package and one-day entrance. In addition, PYF will also have vendors for the presentation of healthy food as well as a food item for buying.

7. Do we have parking?

There are enough parking places and it is free.

8. Can we buy a ticket at the entrance of the venue?

You can buy a ticket at the entrance of the venue.

9. If I leave the event, can I come back?

Yes, you can. You will have a wristband that shows you are the owner of the ticket for that day.

10. What happens if it rains? 

We have several covered places in Ajdinovići in case it rains.

11. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

There is no need. By buying a ticket for the festival, you also buy food.

12. Are pets permitted in the venue?

No. You can not bring a pet to the venue.