PYF is family-friendly. Bring your kids, and for those under 5, it is free!

Tickets will be available online at and at their physical point-of-purchase outlets.

Visitors will be able to buy daily passes in addition to the  three-day festival packages including food and accommodation.

Festival attendees/ General
– access to individual and collective classes
– access to all concerts, day and night
– vegan/vegetarian food and drinks for purchase
– access to outdoor meditation
– access to massage booths and wellness
– access to free WiFi,
– access to help desk, info centers, parking lots
– access to lectures
– access to Festival bazaar

Join us and be a part of our motivated tribe. Since this is the first year, your energy and enthusiasm is much needed and appreciated. We need it to grow strong and be more effective with the coming years. See you at PYF!