PYF will be secured and child-friendly.

The festival grounds are located in Park Ajdinovići – a privately owned, 250,000 square meter property surrounded by virgin forest and breathtaking nature.

This unique venue is a stone’s throw away from the renowned Bijambare Nature Park and Caves, and a 30-min drive from Park Ravne – an underground tunnel labyrinth, fast growing in popularity for its restorative and regenerative energy connected to the newly discovered and hotly debated Bosnian Pyramids complex. The setting also offers proximity to Sarajevo, the picturesque and resilient capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Winter Olympic games were held in 1984 and the Youth Winter Olympic Games just concluded in February 2019.

How to find us:

How to travel to Ajdinovići, Bosnia & Herzegovina?

– From Sarajevo, via our bus services.

– By car, the parking is free! (you’re welcome!)

– Fly from any European city to Sarajevo Airport (SJJ) and take our chartered Ajdinovići bus service.

– Our chartered bus service to Ajdinovići runs three times daily. The bus with the “AJDINOVIĆI” sign will be waiting for you in front of the Sarajevo International Airport. We will be posting the bus schedule shortly.

Contact telephone: + 38762734382 


– Fly from your city of choice to Tuzla International Airport. Arrive at Ajdinovići by the Balkan Transfer buses from Tuzla airport.

– If your destination airport in Belgrade, Serbia (Nikola Tesla airport), you can arrive via our associate transport organization. More instructions soon…

Alcohol Policy:

Locally sourced beer and wine will be available for purchase in designated areas to adults 18+. No outside alcohol will be allowed on festival grounds.

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