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Immerse yourself in the wisdom of our ancestors and the natural paths to a more healthy way of being. PYF is committed to a holistic tradition of sacred teachings passed down from our elders and communicated through our knowledgeable instructors, local guides, and healers.



My Story

Every story has a beginning. Mine begins in a dream.

Babies cry as soon as they take their first breath. I didn’t cry. The story that’s been told is that I, exhausted from the very long labor, slept through my first contact with the outside world. As soon as the doula woke me up from my first dream, I joined the rest of the firstborns in our collective symphony on life’s grand stage.

Each child arrives on this plane miraculously empty. If you look into the eye of the newborn, you will not find a trace of the person they will one day become. The only thing you will find is an everlasting warmth. The purest of souls. A trusting smile, in spite of vulnerability and helplessness.

Just then, and only the, while we are still very young, do we have the right to be a nobody. But soon after, we become somebody. 
(you can find the rest of the story – in Serbian – HERE)





You need to bring: Yoga mats

Something about this lovely session:

That which happens when we stimulate the reflex points on our feet, hands, face, scalp or earlobes is nothing short of magic. Asja’s workshop will teach you how to use this very magic in your everyday life, how to help yourself and those you love with common dis-eases of the body & mind, how to live a life more in tune with the energy nature that you are. 

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