Cultivate your practice by embracing a wide range of yoga styles!

PYF will offer a variety of daily yoga classes for all levels. Our world-class instructors will come from as far away as USA, Israel, but of course, plenty of local talent will be featured from the region, including former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro)

In addition to daily morning and evening all-festival-attendee group practice, a number of smaller, more intimate group classes will be on offer on a sign-up basis. Daily meditation sessions will be guided in special areas. However you wish to flow, you will learn from some of the world’s finest instructors. Whether it’s yin or vinyasa flow, restorative or yoga nidra, kundalini or hatha…You will have the opportunity to explore.

We are here to promote the practice of yoga in all its divine incarnations.


First Line-up for Yoga and Meditation:



Tonči Gulišija has been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching it since 2001. Since 2005 he has been practicing Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. He has gained knowledge from gurus, senior teachers, and sadhus. In 2009, he started the Ashtanga yoga school in Split. He spent a year and a half in India exploring this ancient practice. He holds workshops, intensives, and retreats in Croatia and in India. He is one of the most respected yoga teachers in Croatia.




Sonja Jakopović is one of the leaders of the Happiness Program and teacher of Sri Sri yoga. She has worked in many programs of the World Foundation: Art of Living. She has held countless Happiness Program workshops for different populations and ages, as well as a huge number of Sri Sri Yoga workshops in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.




Doe Paoro is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher from Syracuse, New York, and teaches yoga, breathwork, and sound healing workshops internationally. She has studied intensively in India with Senior Iyengar teachers Usha Devi and Sharat Arora and received her certification through YogaWorks in Los Angeles. She has the utmost respect for the lineage and practice of yoga and feels inspired to teach as a means of promoting wellness and harmony within our bodies, towards one another, and towards the earth.





Mike has been practicing yoga for over a decade and to him, yoga is his workout, his spiritual connection, his meditation, inner peace, and his passion. Mike is very closely following the teachings of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, often referred to as” the father of modern yoga”.

Yoga constantly reminds him that he is forever a student, forever on a path of learning and never perfect.  After 12 years of practicing and teaching yoga, he is stronger physically and mentally. He uses yoga as a tool to keep both his body and his mind flexible and open to new things.

Along the way, many teachers have influenced his practice. These women and men have had a significant impact on both his practice and his life. He would like to mention some of them, Srivatsa Ramaswami, R. Sharath Jois, Mark and Joanne Darby, Harmony Slater and many others.

Mike’s classes are physically challenging; after finishing his class you

will leave with feeling like you have the strength to accomplish anything.

In his class, expect him to say what the entire class is thinking but would never say out loud.  He’s entertaining and insightful. Mike makes yoga accessible to EVERYBODY! Mike is the founder and owner of Ashtanga Yoga Sarajevo, school of yoga and health. He offers private classes, workshops and teacher training.




Maja Schreiner is a teacher of yin yoga.

She started practicing yin yoga several years ago and did a 50-hour yin yoga training in Goa, India.

Her second 100-hour yin yoga training with Dhugal Meachem happened in Thailand.

She believes her own experience of becoming a more fulfilled human being encouraged her to share her passion for dance and yoga with people who recognize the importance of practicing self-love and compassion.”




Aida finished her education through the Yoga Works system in 2008 and continued to learn and improve her knowledge in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga with some of the world’s most renowned teachers: Guru Sharath Jois at Krishna Pattahabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute “KPJAYI”,  TT with Mark Darby, Laruga Glaser, Vairagya Ranko, Gabriele Severini, David Robson, Harmony Slater, and Ajay Tokas, to name a few. Aida is currently studying Ashtanga system with her teacher Sharmila Desai, in Morjim, Goa.

For the last 10 years, Aida has been teaching Vinyasa within a traditional method of Krishnamacharya’s teachings – approaching Yoga individually and with systematic work. She currently teaches workshops in Yoga & Ayurveda, runs Yoga retreats as well as holds a “108 Sun Salutations” charity event every season.

Having spent some time in New York in the early 2000s Aida decided to return to her native Bosnia in 2009 and open the very first Yoga studio in Sarajevo. She discovered that her mission and her path in life was to help people find a safe place for healing. She started her path in Sarajevo, the place where she felt Yoga was needed the most. Her Prana Yoga Studio, Sarajevo, opened in May 2010. Aida is a certified instructor in Trauma Release Exercise, a somatic method created by David Bercelli, being the first certified instructor of TRE ® in Bosnia. She will forever stay a student of Yoga, both living & teaching Yoga.




Uroš Martinović has been practicing yoga since 2008. In 2012 he started teaching. He leads classes in Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa Yoga, also including micro movements and yoga sequences. His classes are high intensity, incorporating breathing techniques at the start of the class, and Yoga Nidra at the end.  He teaches individual classes and group workshops. His focus is integrating yoga within a holistic approach of connecting the individual to the present moment and gratitude.

He is the founder of Moja Šolja Joge, (My Cup of Yoga) – a comprehensive wellness hub about yoga and alternative ways of living, with contributors from the entire Balkan region.




I was born in 1991 in Belgrade and I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2013, I met two yoga teachers, Hamsa Saraswati and Gayatri Ji, that I resonated with and started practicing traditional hatha yoga. In 2016, I did my first teacher training in Hariom Yoga Center, Turkey, with Bora Ercan and Zoli Zyogi, and in 2018 the second one in Universal Yoga Center, India with Vijay Amar and Dr. Ganesh Rao. I taught in different countries, retreat centers and universities.

Parallel to my yoga journey, I did a teacher training in Ecstatic Awakening Dance from the School of Ecstatic Movement in the UK. I hold degrees in philosophy, physical activity, and public health and currently I am studying psychology.

Now, I am living in Israel and I am teaching based on my inner journey and scientific knowledge that I internalized through my studies.




Cacao Ceremony with sound bath by DOE PAORO (USA)

Cacao is the seed that chocolate comes from and is considered a superfood for its high levels of antioxidants and magnesium. It has also been used since ancient times by Mayan cultures for its mental health benefits: cacao contains a neurotransmitter called anandamide, also known as the “bliss chemical,” for its effect of promoting a sense of joy, pleasure, and creativity. In this Cacao Ceremony, we will taste cacao and activate its heart-opening and energizing powers through breathwork, yoga, and sound healing, leading us into an inspiring and transformative experience.








Elevate your meditation practice to higher ground with Loop Guru’s masterful invocations.






Ambient Abstractions with JOSEPH AUGUST (USA)

Joseph August is a Los Angeles-based percussionist/ambient experimental artist. Influenced by abstract sounds, tape loops, and self-found percussive instruments, his interests lie in how sound can directly shape an emotion or mood. What if every moment had its own supportive soundscape or atmosphere? These ideas serve as a reflection for him and his life.




Barbara Pust is a soul that loves freedom and creativity. She believes that there is a paradise on Earth, and to find it, we need only change our point of view – our perception.
She has been meditating for 25 years and is an expert in connecting with the angelic realm and the Source. She leads workshops in relationships, health, happiness, and peace.
She wants to show people how beautiful and how worthy they are.
As an author, she has thus far penned three books, the latest of which is an e-book entitled “ Goddess, Do You Know Your Power?“
Currently, Barbara holds meditation sessions all over Slovenia. Connect with her on (Facebook).




Gong master and a professional massage practitioner with singing bowls and gong player. On her sound journeys, she is using gongs, singing bowls, and other instruments, like Tingsha, rain stick, and drums. Her mission is to harmonize a human being and waking the awareness of the power and beauty of the vibration of sounds of the gong, as a powerful instrument. Gong has healing effects on the human body, the psyche and the mind, with adjusted our internal vibrations with the vibration of our environment. Anika has already performed at many festivals and yoga studio in Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, and other places, just to mention the few,she had a performance  in the first Yoga Festival and No Stress Festival in Belgrade in 2016, Top of the Hub 2017, First Gong Puja in Belgrade , Sea Star festival 2017 EXIT festival 2017- Pachamama, in July this year, also performing at Exit 2019 Pachamama stage., at the Festival of “Healthy Life” at Planck park- Zrenjanin ,in cooperation with music and music therapist and friends. With Branko Isaković, Divine Sound, Ambient Balkan Beat and with many other friends.






My name is Karmen.

I have been practicing ThetaHealing technique for five years now, and have been teaching it as well.  In addition, I also practice other spiritual practices, such as buddhist meditation, contemplation, and mantra invocations. Once I discovered  

ThetaHealing, I knew that this was what my heart was seeking for – a place where every corner of my being had found its home. This technique, which helped me find the lost parts of myself, quickly found its way into every part of my life, and has therefore become my guiding light to which I have completely dedicated myself. I am a ThetaHealing technique therapist. I lead educational workshops, spiritual retreats, meditation, group therapy  – all of which I will present at the Pyramid Yoga Fest. I also teach my own Atma technique, which is now being evaluated for the DZIV.

You can find more information about ThetaHealing techique and the manner in which we apply treatment on my Facebook Page: Tvornica Radosti (The Factory of Happiness)